The 4 C’s

Clean Closet Creates Choice. That’s right Ladies and Gents. It’s that time of year when spring cleaning becomes the dreaded and daunting task we think it will be, unless…you de-clutter your surroundings. Statistics show that a clean an uncluttered environment is a key factor in being able to concentrate and create a more stress free […]

Too many resumes, not enough results

Ok, so you’ve tweaked your resume to fit the positions you are applying for and you have changed it from chronological to functional and back again. You’ve continued your education in your field and received additional certifications and accreditations. You’ve had several other people lay a second set of eyes on your resume and you’ve […]

Playing the game of work

How many of us know someone who is great at “playing the game of work?” These are the people who socialize, high five, stand at the water cooler, keep the coffee brewing so they can stir up trouble, keep up or start the grapevine and the only thing they excel at is getting nothing done […]

Why do you think you are not being considered for the job you want?

Healthy employee= Healthy dividends for all concerned

President Obama has accomplished something he’s wanted for a long time. Universal healthcare for US citizens. Of course there are 2 sides to every story and just like other social systems, an increase or inundation of sick people means long lines, longer wait times and wait lists. But, one way employers can contribute to cracking […]

Turning the tide in employment.. Independent Contracting 1099 Style

An organization’s effectiveness relating to its processes and people has always been a human resource management concern in a macro environment and with the growing diversity in employment populations many organizations are realizing there is a need to go beyond basic functional HR management and examine strategic concepts in a quantifiable way to maximize operability. […]

The Reverse Interview

I find that in their haste to find and obtain jobs, many candidates are not very adept in securing the much needed great first impression with employers because of one main issue. They rarely show the interviewer their interest in the organization to which they are applying by having good follow on questions for the […]