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About The HR Expert

Allison Jones is the The HR Expert! She uses her 20 years of experience to provide real answers, real advice and real solutions to HR issues.  Whether its a bad boss or difficult people in the workplace. Choosing a new career path or enhancing your career with improved credentials.  Dressing to impress or moving into management.  Allison Jones is real, raw and ready to help you with your employment situation.  She’s not satisfied until you have a satisfying career!

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One comment on “About The HR Expert

  1. Hi Alison

    Thanks for the great post!

    I’ve been working for a family run business (retail) for about 3 years while I was completing my degree. Prior to me finishing my degree I was a contract worker at one of the big banks, but left due to not getting along with one of the team leaders.

    I have finally finished my finance degree and am now doing my postgraduate in finance and looking to get back into the corporate space. I went for an interview the other day, but left the interview feeling really down. The ladies were very nice in the beginning and even complemented me on my CV, but once they found out that my current job was in a family run business they became uninterested. I am now afraid that this will keep happening when I go for interviews as what ever experience I’ve gained does not seem legitimate in their eyes. I also realize that my current skills and experience are not aligned to the career I’m looking to pursue as the family run business is in the retail sector.

    This brings me to my questions. How do I convince my prospective employers/HR that they should give me a chance even though I’ve been out the banking sector for a while? How do I convince that my skill set acquired in the last 3 months can be aligned to a prospective job? Should I even mention that it’s a family run business? And lastly what do I do if they ask for a reference from my previous employer.

    Thanks so much

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