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The 4 C’s

Clean Closet Creates Choice. That’s right Ladies and Gents. It’s that time of year when spring cleaning becomes the dreaded and daunting task we think it will be, unless…you de-clutter your surroundings. Statistics show that a clean an uncluttered environment is a key factor in being able to concentrate and create a more stress free life and I couldn’t agree more. Each season I de-clutter and organize my closet. I pack up clothes and shoes from the previous season and put the shoes in plastic lid containers and the clothes in space bags and then in plastic lid containers to keep them free of odor and mildew. When I store the previous season, I take out the new season and it feels like going on a shopping spree! My closet is organized by size, color and category e.g. work suits and blouses, casual, etc.

The advantage is that I can get ready quicker, with virtual ease because the colors and categories are in order and it reduces the redundancy factor that most people feel when they think they have nothing to wear. For instance, if I have two pair of black slacks and I’ve fluctuated in size, I typically have one size bigger (or smaller if you’re a glass half full type) to accommodate the change in size. When I travel this is also very important so I can pack light and have the variety I need to adjust fire according to the weather.

For items that I may never use again, I give them to charity and I also created a program called, My Sister’s Closet. It gives me a chance to share my fashion sense with other women, reduce debt from shopping and AGAIN, it’s like a shopping spree with an added bonus of spending time with my girlfriends.

Gentlemen, a note here for you. Whether you have a $99 or $500 suit, please have it tailored. Purchase multiple shirts and ties to accommodate the suit and keep your shoes freshly soled and polished at all times. There is nothing more attractive and beneficial to your career than your appearance, so take pride in it.

Clean. Closet. Creates. Choices. So, go shopping in the comfort of your home and in the endless possibilities of your own personal boutique, your very own closet.


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