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Too many resumes, not enough results

Ok, so you’ve tweaked your resume to fit the positions you are applying for and you have changed it from chronological to functional and back again. You’ve continued your education in your field and received additional certifications and accreditations. You’ve had several other people lay a second set of eyes on your resume and you’ve even had a few, yet far in between telephone calls from HR indicating employers are interested in you. But, wait. Where are the follow-up phone calls, or an interview or two, why aren’t you being selected as THE candidate? What do employers want? Why isn’t it you? How are they qualifying applicants? Is it you? Is it the system? Who is to blame that you are not being offered positions? What more can you do?

Probably nothing when it comes to your resume, but you may need to go the extra mile and start taking your resume on the road. Statistically, more employment opportunities are found when applicants take the resume, along with a curriculum vitae (CV), a shorter more specifically targeted biographical resume on the road, even to networking events. Talking to recruiters, HR personnel and people who have hiring decision-making authority or have access to decision makers, may in fact be a more effective way of identifying, sourcing and finding the positions you’re seeking. It cuts the middle programs, (aka keyword search systems via Applicant Tracking System-ATS) out the middle to some extent, by allowing principles to directly qualify and quantify your skill set and become an intercessory on your behalf to sell you as an eligible and much sought after candidate.

Gone are the days when you should spend countless hours on the internet and job search engines looking for work. Looking for work now means go out and “look.” Many people aren’t comfortable going out to events and telling people they are looking for work, but studies show that many opportunities are not announced, so these chances are lost because people looking do not want to go out and let anyone know they are looking for work. It’s neither smart nor practical to stay behind the keyboard, if you want results, go beyond the resume, get out there, and let everyone and anyone know. I’m here. I’m looking for work. I’m available and ready!


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