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Playing the game of work

How many of us know someone who is great at “playing the game of work?” These are the people who socialize, high five, stand at the water cooler, keep the coffee brewing so they can stir up trouble, keep up or start the grapevine and the only thing they excel at is getting nothing done while earning the benefit that comes with plying the game of work. These people MUST be called out! For all those people who come to work, TO WORK, get it done in 8 hours only to have more stuff to do tomorrow because the chatty and ever unaccounted for non-working folk aren’t pulling their fair share, I APPLAUD YOU! But, that applause is on the condition of speaking up and out regarding these types of people. This is not high school where being cute, or popular or most likely to succeed is the order of the day. It’s time to take it to human resources and put it on the record that if I have to perform my duties to get paid, they do too! I challenge you to shake up and shake out the people whose sole purpose is to show up and do nothing every day. Work is a privilege, as well as a right and it is wrong to stand by and talk about it, moan about it and do NOTHING about it! So, show up and show out and let these worker slugs know that their success at “playing the game of work” is over! Check and mate!


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