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Resume 101, The Basics of Resume Branding

Resume 101 The Basics of Resume Branding is very important, so to demonstrate my mantra, here are a few quick facts about the resume and how some HR professionals see it.  1. Resumes are living documents and should be tweaked to the position for which you are applying.  2. Most organizations use some sort of […]

Stupid is what stupid does. Another resume story

Another resume story A professor recently said to me that the least savvy consumer, (“I’m being politically correct, he actually said the dumbest) is the one that believes in branding with no substantive corroboration and those are the ones business owners typically target in the beginning. Wow! Nowadays, everyone is an expert and many “professional” resume […]

SIM-The Self Identifying Moniker

I’m all for creativity and individuality, but people please consider your child’s future when you decide on naming your child after your second cousin plus your grandfather’s middle name and favorite pet.  What’s in a name? I can tell you what’s not supposed to be in a name, a way to identify a candidate and […]