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Turning the tide in employment.. Independent Contracting 1099 Style

An organization’s effectiveness relating to its processes and people has always been a human resource management concern in a macro environment and with the growing diversity in employment populations many organizations are realizing there is a need to go beyond basic functional HR management and examine strategic concepts in a quantifiable way to maximize operability. Typically most organizations use a combination of competitive business with human resource strategies which can be applied universally which is commonly generic and benefits everyone. However, with the growing demand of doing more with less becoming the standard, newly developed HRM practices that benefit overall business success along with its workers are at the forefront. This concept is so vast, even the federal government, one of the largest employers in the world took notice and in 1999, an executive mandate in the form of a strategic analysis plan was adopted. An executive summary from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) deemed it appropriate to integrate human resource management (HRM) into the comprehensive agency planning process (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Standard of Operations, 1999), underlining a need to connect human resource functions and people management into a more collaborative, streamlined and unified process to better address internal competencies, organizational performance and personnel vulnerabilities in an more modern and innovative way. A good example of how agencies are attempting to apply current HRM research is the growing number of independent consultants or 1099 workers some firms are now hiring. When an organization realizes that they may not have an expert they can leverage within their employee pool, they may hire a specialized consultant in a specific area of expertise. As a recruiter I have seen an increase in such consultative practices which I believe are directly correlated to the advantages of applying strategic HRM research to formulate sound business practices versus fundamental HRM practices because nothing is one size fits all anymore.

What does all this mean? If you are having a difficult time obtaining and retaining employment, dig into your vocation, get current and get cracking on the Independent Contractor (IC) 1099 train. If may not come with benefits (benies) and taxation is on you when dealing with the IRS, but you can earn more money without taxes (temporarily). That’s right you get the whole per hour amount or (per whatever the agreement is). But I HIGHLY recommend socking away 10-20% of what you earn to pay your self-employment taxes on time and without delay to Uncle Sam. This is a viable option until such time as permanent employment with benies comes your way. Good luck!


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