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Healthy employee= Healthy dividends for all concerned

President Obama has accomplished something he’s wanted for a long time. Universal healthcare for US citizens. Of course there are 2 sides to every story and just like other social systems, an increase or inundation of sick people means long lines, longer wait times and wait lists. But, one way employers can contribute to cracking down on this is incorporating wellness programs into their organizations.
When people are at work instead of the doctor. When people are given incentives to stop smoking, lose weight, and take better care of themselves, it’s a win-win for the employers, employees and their families. It also cuts down on long term illnesses and disease. Can you say cancer and diabetes decreases and prevention?
Consider this HR professionals…a wellness program can and will give any organization a competitive edge because driving down medical and health costs along with absenteeism will provide a very distinct advantage over competitors in employee productivity and job satisfaction. Organizations that effectively recruit, select, train and compensate their employees develop an advantage that is hard for other organizations to copy and this advantage is maximized when the organization has a clear competitive strategy that matches their human resource strategy. IBM and other large corporate entities are finally getting it and getting their workforce in tip top shape while increasing productivity and their financial bottom line.

If your organization doesn’t have one, consider starting something on your own. You may make new friends, new network connections and a new wardrobe when you lose all that weight. Pretty heavy huh?


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