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What not to wear

I encourage my female clients to be true their personal style, but to bear in mind that conservative business attire is still best.  Wearing tasteful items that emphasize their femininity is fine, such as skirts and slightly higher heels is also okay, but I believe in moderation, less is more, whether in make-up, jewelry or showing female curves. When I began my career in program management some years ago, I wore my favorite color to work, red. Well, I strolled in feeling great in my all red ensemble (to include the red shoes). My boss and mentor at the time (a man) pulled me to the side and quietly reminded me of the importance of subtly and told me to take the rest of the day off to break in my corporate expense card and invest in a more basic wardrobe. He went on to say black, brown, gray and navy blue work best and I can add a simple colorful touch that would allow me to stand out without looking droll. He was right and now I encourage my female clients to add an accent like a scarf or a brooch or a beautiful but delicate hairpin. It can make your outfit memorable and possibly become a conversation starter. As a woman in business you want to be taken seriously and have your clients and colleagues think well of you and not feel uncomfortable around you because everything is too tight or short or clingy. After all, it is work, so a skirt suit is fine as long as the jacket is well positioned on the lower torso for wider hips or larger bottoms. Let’s be honest if you are remotely attractive, it doesn’t matter what you wear to the office because someone will always have a snide comment regardless of your ability, but the key in dressing for success is to feel comfortable in your clothes while making others pay attention to your capabilities, not your cup size.


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