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Thanks for adding some gumption to the recipe for success

Someone recently asked me what one of my greatest challenges has been as a female business owner who has served in a very male dominated field; Program Management within in the federal sector. I feel very fortunate because I had a very strong male mentor when I first began my career in program management who was selfless and enjoyed contributing to my growth in business. He was truly a different breed because over the years, I have found that the more success I’ve had in my career, many men were either intimidated or mistrustful because they seemed to believe that I would either use my feminine wiles or use the “hey, I’m a girl” card. None of them seemed even slightly beleaguered that I just might “out shine” them somehow, but when they realized I was a considerable force to be reckoned with and should be taken seriously, they began to speak in hushed tones and hoard valuable information. A few of the fellas that didn’t even like each other began building alliances, joining forces and behaving rudely in the hopes I would just go away or cry about it. A few of my peers seemingly took the high road and offered mentorship, while in reality, they seldom helped me with anything and may have even enjoyed seeing me struggle in any capacity. So to those of you who know of whom I speak, “Thank You!”
Because of your shortcomings, I dug in and fortified myself and learned to work smarter, not harder. Because of your bullying, I strengthened my core and relied on my self sufficiency to rise in my field. Because of your attempts at stonewalling and hoarding tactics, I learned to trust in my abilities and instinct. But more than anything you taught me the most valuable rule…I learned how to play the business game by the “boys” rules. You have helped me immensely and greatly attributed to my professional success because what you thought would hinder my career, has cultivated my business acumen. I have gained a solid business reputation and become a pretty tough cookie too and I use that to help other women with encouragement and sound guidance. Well Alfafa, Spanky??? Thanks for inventing the “He Man Woman Haters Club” How do you like those apples?!


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