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Attitude adjustment or Career change

Part of the reason many people are unhappy and share that unhappiness at work is because they forget…IT”S WORK!!! However, if people find themselves job jumping then that would be a definitive mark of possibly being in the wrong field or not targeting a more satisfying position within that field. One of the ways to know if this is the case is to ask yourself. In an ideal situation if I could do (blank) in this field and not get paid, would I still do it? That’s a good place to start analyzing job satisfaction. If there is no such position, but there is a need, it may be time to put together on paper, a duty description that could be discussed with superiors.
Now let me first define a job versus career.
A job is something that pays the bills and most times may be filled with dread because of the monotony, lack of benefits, lack of promotion potential and is needed, but not necessarily favorable. A career is something that you will do long-term; you are interested in promotion potential, you invest time, education and additional effort into for the long term benefit and reward. And although a job may be a necessity, a career is typically chosen.
Back to the heart of the matter. Now, that the two have been defined, how do you know if it’s time to adjust your attitude or make a career change? If you are surrounded by office dysfunction that clearly distracts, destroys and deters your performance, it may be time to jump ship. If you find that you are caught up in office antics and politics more often than performing the duties you are paid to perform, you may need an attitude adjustment. You need to remember what it felt like when you applied and hoped to get the job, adjust your priorities and remember the employment climate we are facing as a nation. Adjusting your attitude to better performance and a grateful spirit can lead to the best reward of all, a new outlook on your career.
Whichever scenario applies to you, remember that whether it’s a career adjustment or an attitude adjustment, both are up to you. Happy hunting.


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