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The Military Spouse Challenge

As a military spouse putting others first is the norm and an expectation as the military member is busy with readiness, operational challenges and national security. Often we find ourselves so preoccupied as the person in uniform with continuity, consistency and support that we leave our goals and dreams on the side of the road, but there are many military spouses that acclimate to those challenges and still find a way to grow personally and professionally while providing the support, encouragement and assistance to keep the family flourishing.
I’ve always been a people person. I’m an extrovert by nature and am at my best and brightest when I can extend a helping hand to others. The problem for me was with all the moving and change, I was often flummoxed at the idea of finding that perfect career fit for myself that would be both portable and satisfying. After trying on varying “jobs” I began looking for a career that encompassed my passion for people and can be easily transferable all around the world. I’d taken a few sporadic classes and eventually found my way completing my undergraduate business degree between transfers, promotions, deployments, and even the teenage years…whew! Finally after stabilizing a position in the federal government, I found my niche and my excitement for my career in human resources. I was able to use the things I learned and take the reins of my career choices by learning all I could in each position I’ve held and to my advantage I’ve been able to successfully market myself as a subject matter expert in multiple arenas.
As a federal Program Manager I’ve been responsible for the recruiting of personnel who provide service member support including soldier programs and services. I’ve been able to assist federal employees being transferred or separated by the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC). I’ve been honored by serving others including soldiers, their spouses and federal employees who support our troops by assisting in job placement, career development, skill enhancement, employment transition and employment proficiency and many times I have provided these services pro bono. But, I’ve taken it a notch further, I am very proud to the be the owner of an HR firm in Northern Virginia continuing to provide support to my extended family, the military community; a community that is as much a part of my life as the as the soldier I married. My identity is closely woven into the fabric of the selfless service of men and women who sacrifice more than any person can give and it is the reason I feel a sincere desire to do my part. The best part? I’ve been able to take my experiences, distant locations and my military family along as I created a career path that I love. Now, the next challenge?… preparing my spouse for the journey of transitioning from choosing his daily green suit, the military uniform, to selecting matching apparel that doesn’t make me gasp in horror. Wish me luck!


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